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Episode 24 – Find the right doctor

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Patients oftentimes feels sick without knowing the according disease. An experienced doctors can recognize and treat this illness correctly. Yet, how do I find this experienced doctor?

Docdoc proposes this matching service and aims at empowering people with data in the still paper-based medical industry.

Chris Garrett is Head of Country Malaysia and Hong Kong at DocDoc. .

Anja Smith talks about the quality of healthcare provision in South Africa in Episode 14 of the Datenaffaire.

Von annikabbergbauer

Dr. Annika B. Bergbauer ist eine Tech-Ökonomin und Unternehmensberaterin. Wenn sie nicht über die Zukunft der Datenanalyse oder Bildungspolitik diskutiert, besteigt sie Berge - oft genug alles gleichzeitig.

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